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It is with the greatest regret that we announce that the Trustees have agreed to wind down the English Trust for European Education.  We are currently also  considering other options such as a change of objectives and name.  However, while these options are considered no further activities will be undertaken.

This site is no longer updated and the information contained herein is historical, pertaining to the trust's previous activities only.

Last updated: October 2019

The English Trust for European Education 

A charitable organisation set up to foster the development of multilingual EU Education in England and Wales and for collaboration among Associate EU schools.

Our principal aims are concerned with supporting the development of universally accessible schools engaged in providing multilingual European education,  assisting teachers and education professionals working in this sector and creating dynamic networks for the exchange of information on this topic.

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Why European Education?

European Education has some strong pedagogical foundations based on mutual respect and appreciation of different cultural values yet sharing basic principles such as democracy, freedom of speech and common understanding.  The teaching and active use of languages across an entire curriculum in day-to-day school life is a vital tool towards common understanding and appreciation of individual cultures.  

For children from bilingual backgrounds in particular,  mother tongue teaching provides an essential link to their cultural roots. As children progress to  learn more European languages their horizons are expanded and they can become multi-literate (i.e not just able to express themselves, but to appreciate deep cultural nuances too). 

ETEE Trustees are therefore committed to an approach in which first and foremost integration is expressed as mutual respect, with a focus on a well implemented strategy on European multi-literate education,  widely accessible to all citizens and appropriate with the principles of subsidiarity

The philosophy behind European Education is best encapsulated in the words of Jean Monnet:

"Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in different cultures, it will be borne upon in upon them as they mature that they belong together.  Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers..."

The English Trust for European Education (ETEE) is a wholly independent and non-political organisation.  If some of the views expressed in our recommendations on education happen to coincide with those of a specific party this is purely coincidental and does not imply in any way that the ETEE or any of its Trustees endorse the views of that party. Our principal concern is the universality of access to multiliterate education in England and Wales, as defined in our objectives. The English Trust for European Education (ETEE)  is a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the voice of the voluntary sector in Britain and a charity registered in England and Wales no. 1123847

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