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Welcome to the News and Events section

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As part of our continued commitment to the principle of multilingual education, we agreed in 2007 to set up a conference on this subject at Culham in May 2008.  The conference received the support of various commercial and international organisations and was held again, in June 2009 and in 2010 (see above link - Conference for proceedings and more information).  We have decided not to hold a conference in 2011 as we are too busy with the Free School project.

Watch a video from the President of Interparents, the umbrella association of the EU schools parents associations, with information on the recent cuts:


(October 2014) - Appeal for governors from Europa Free School

Europa School UK is seeking new governors to help the school develop through its second and future years.

The Trustees of the School (Paul Adams, Clara Della Croce, Jackie Holderness, Karin Loudon, Andrew Parker, Antonella Shorrock, Jutta Weber) are seeking nominations for two new Trustee Governors for the school. 

For these nominations, we are particularly seeking individuals with expertise in school education or financial/legal matters. 

The school’s Governing Body itself can co-opt new Governors to meet specific needs. The development of the Culham site now particularly needs expertise in planning matters. An individual with experience of preparing UK planning applications is particularly sought. 

This call for nominations is being sent to the entire parent body of the ESUK and European School Culham. Nominations are not restricted to parents. Whether you are nominating yourself or someone else who may be willing to help, please send a brief paragraph or two (about 200 words) in support of the nomination to Andrew Parker (Chair of Trustees) not later than Monday 4th November. E-mail to


(February 2013) - Malcolm Bailey and Cecile Deer join the Board of Trustees of ETEE

Following the recent resignation on health grounds of Dr Lynn Erler the remaining Trustees busied themselves finding new recruits.  Over the last few weeks the Board is delighted to welcome Dr Cecile Deer, a distinguished academic and currently lecturer in Education at Balliol College, and Malcolm Bailey, a senior Education Consultant with an outstanding career in change management in schools.

(March 2012) - John Sayer resigns as Trustee but becomes Patron of ETEE

John Sayer who has been one of our Trustees since our inception has decided to resign from active duties to enjoy a well earned retirement.  However, we are delighted to announce that he will continue to be engaged with ETEE as one of our Patrons.

(December 2011) - ETEE Trustees edit book on Schools for the Future of Europe... 

A new book "ScSchools for the Future of Europehools for the Future of Europe" will be published in March 2012, exploring the emergence and application of European education through a series of high profile contributions from top level writers including Prof. Furedi and Hugh Starkey.   The book has been edited by two Trustees of the English Trust for European Education, Lynn Erler and John Sayer, both Research Fellows at the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education.   You can order your book from Amazon. For the full text of the press release please click here.

(November 2011) - FREE SCHOOL PROJECT APPROVED...  follow the story in the
Oxford Mail....

(July-August 2011) - Free school application update

Following several meetings of the European Free School Steering Group (Europa School) and the formation of a Board of Directors, an application for the Free School was submitted to the Department for Education. The Board attended a presentation in London in early August and the application is being considered further, with a final decision by September.  If the application is approved the Europa Free School could start in September 2012.  Additional information on the project is available from the project's web site.  A link to a recent article published in the Oxford Times can also be found here.

(May 2011) - Steering Group formed

Following the Round Table a steering group made up of stakeholders was formed and a new Consultant was also appointed.  The Group, chaired by ETEE's Vice-Chair Maurizio Fantato, has agreed to proceed with the Free School proposal (Europa School UK) that will be submitted to the Department for Education in May.


Over twenty delegates attended the round table discussion at the Town Hall on Friday, including Henley's MP John Howell, County council representatives, parents and a representative from the Culham Parish School.  The discussion ended on a positive note with all parties agreeing to establsh a common framework in order to present a proposal to the Department for Education in June, for a possible new Free School opening in September 2012.  Many hurdles remain, especially in relation to the details of the project and the provision of multi-lingual teaching, but at least there was a tangible sense of direction. You can read an article in the Oxford Mail about the possible collaboration with Culham Schoo here.


ETEE is organising a round table discussion at Oxford City Hall, on Friday 15 April to discuss the future of the school with other interested parties.  If you are an interested party and haven't yet received an invitation please contact us immediately using the Contact Us facility from this web site.  Admission by invitation only.

(February 2011) - Vice-Chairman of ETEE, Maurizio Fantato comments on failed Academy Plan

Abingdon Herald - 22 February 2010

(February 2011) - CLASS abandons ship....

CLASS, the state appointed sponsoring Trust has decided to throw in the towel and abandon the Academy project.  You can read the official message following the above link. ETEE remains committed to the preservation of European education in the UK, however, stakeholders appear to be divided as for the direction of a possible new school.

(January 2011) - ETEE elects new Chairman

ETEE has elected Jim Campbell, former teacher at the European School, as well as former Mayor of Oxford as its new Chairman, filling in a vacancy that had arisen following the resignations for health reasons of the previous Chairman, Eva Nießler Brinkmann. 

(November 2010) - ETEE attacks proposed freeze to language teachers' training

ETEE has appealed to the Minister for Schools, Nick Gibb, to revert the decision to put on hold the highly successful scheme for the training of language teachers involving reciprocal arrangements with other EU countries.... read more

(April 2010) - The Big Debate Gets Under Way

SEET (Scottish European Education Trust) and ETEE join forces to highlight the importance of a debate on European education on the eve of a general election.

Click here for this press release.

(February 2010) - Schools For The Future Europe

What does it take to create a school curriculum to educate young people for 21st century Europe, for this decade and beyond? Can multilingual education be expanded?

Click here for this press release

(January 2010) -  New Patron join ETEE

The renowned English historian of Welsh descent, Prof Norman Davies, has joined the Board of Patrons of ETEE.  Prof Davies is the author of several best selling books on European history.

(November 2009) -  New Patrons join ETEE

We are delighted to count on three additional Patrons, bringing tremendous experience and encouragement for our cause.  These are Baroness Quin,  Lord  Thomas of Swynnerton and Gerald Wilson (Chairman of the Scottish European Educational Trust).  The latter is of particular significance to us as we always wanted to encourage a network of organisation like ETEE in other regions of Europe.  For biographical information on the Patrons please go to the Trustees and Patrons page.

(November 2009) -  A step closer towards an Academy

The month of November has been a particularly busy period for the prospective Academy as the project moves a step closer with the approval of Oxfordshire County Council of the Expression of Interest.  The project will now move into Feasibility Study and we hope the new Academy will start in 2011 at the latest. This milestone was covered by the press and you can access the details following these links:

BBC report - European School in Academy Plan - 24/11/09

Oxford Mail - Culham School could become an Academy - 26/11/09

Please click on the links below for some additional press articles on the project:

FT 28 July 2008

TES 26 September 2008

This is Oxfordshire, August 2008

The Guardian, October 2008

NB the links are provided for information only. The ETEE is not responsible for the content of external sites and the views expressed in the articles below may not necessarily be those of the ETEE.

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The information contained within this section is copyright of the ETEE, no details can be copied or redistributed without prior authorisation from the Press Officer.

The English Trust for European Education (ETEE) is a wholly independent and non-political organisation.  If some of the views expressed in our recommendations on education happen to coincide with those of a specific political party this is purely coincidental and does not imply in any way that the ETEE or any of its Trustees endorse the views of that party. Our principal concern is the universality of access to multiliterate education in England and Wales, as defined in our objectives.


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